Friday, June 26, 2015

KSB pursues National Monument Designation

Are you curious about Keep Sedona Beautiful's pursuit of getting Sedona and a good portion of the Verde Valley designated as a National Monument? So are we. A big thanks to Board Member Dan Blaetter for volunteering to sit on KSBs executive committee where the details of the movement will be discussed and developed. Dan hopes to ensure we cyclists are represented and we do not lose any access or rights.

If you are curious to find out more on the movement here is a link to a website put up by KSB for more info:

We also encourage people to look into this themselves. There are a 9 other monuments managed by the National Forest with in the US. Please share your thoughts through the comments or email us at:

Sedona Recieves SILVER BFC Designation!!!!

A big thanks to Board members Doug Copp, Dan Blaetter, Jake Plapp and Caroline Oreel and many other community and city members for making this possible!!! The VVCC hopes to see this progression of bike friendly infrastructure continue to grow. Here below is Sedona's report card alongside the average rating of a Gold community.