Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reminder: Trail Planning Continues - Mark your Calendars November 29th

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
U.S. Forest Service
Coconino National Forest


For Immediate Release

November 20, 2012

Public Affairs Contacts:
Brady Smith, Coconino National Forest, 928-527-3490
Brienne Magee, Flagstaff Ranger District, 928-527-8290
Connie Birkland, Red Rock Ranger District, 928-203-7505

Red Rock community trail planning continues

Sedona, AZ – The public is invited to the second Red Rock trail planning meeting Thursday, November 29, from 6 to 8 P.M. at the Village of Oak Creek Fire Station #3, on Cortez Drive. This planning session is the second in a series of meetings over the coming months in cooperation with the City of Sedona and the Big Park Council.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Arizona High School Cycling League

I'm reaching out to make you aware of an exciting movement that's finally reached Arizona and am hoping that you’ll help spread the word.  The Arizona High School Cycling League (AHSCL) is now forming and next year we'll begin producing an annual race series exclusively for high school student-athletes.  As you know, traditional ball and stick sports aren't for every kid.  The AHSCL gets kids outside and active, and gives them an alternative outlet to experience high school athletics, the teamwork and camaraderie that they otherwise might miss out on.  Riding a mountain bike is in many cases very fun for kids right from the start.  They come back and say "This is awesome.  Can we do this more?"

Cottonwood Christmas Parade Dec.1st

Hi all!

Come out and ride with the VVCC at the Holiday Parade in Cottonwood on December 1st (next Saturday)! It seems to be a new era for us cyclists here in the valley with more people riding bikes, more people bike-curious, more bike lanes, more on the way, growing rapport with the land managers, new and improved trails, and more!

For the parade, we're all going to wear as much RED as we can....red jerseys (like the NMBP jersey), red elf hat, red bike if ya got one....throw some red tinsel on your bike if ya can... we'll paint the town... RED! :-) (FYI, per the Chamber of Commerce, NO Santa suits.)

We all have to be checked in prior to the parade. So please be at the Fairgrounds in Cottonwood, 12th & Cherry Street, NO LATER THAN 10:15 am. From there, find me and MAKE SURE to sign the official consent form.

Per the Chamber, please see below Parade rules...
--No Santa suits.
--Helmets highly recommended (add some decorations there too if ya like).
--No stopping in front of the judges stand. (Although brief trackstands are O.K. Wheelies are a plus!).
--Candy/items are allowed to be PASSED OUT, but please do not THROW it into the crowd.
--Parade will take place...rain or shine. Let's represent!
--Be safe and HAVE FUN!! :-)

Also, here are some tips for a better/safer ride: 1) PAY ATTENTION!! There will be other riders, a pothole or two, friends who call out your name, etc., so be aware of what 's going on around you. 2) Keep space around you and other riders. Crashes aren't fun, and make us all look bad. It's absolutely amazing how quickly another rider's wheel can take you down! 3) We will likely ride in counterclockwise loops. Trying to move at walking/parade speed can be difficult. 4) Past years have seen everything from light snow to temps in the 70s. Make sure you've brought an emergency layer, and/or any other clothing that will make your ride more comfortable! 5) This is a great time to ride that "unusual" bike you might not get on too much - recumbents, choppers, tall bikes, 36" wheeled bikes, longbikes, whatever. And if you've got talented friends who can wheelie, manual, jump, bunnyhop, ride a unicycle, has a monkey that rides a bike, or a dog in a bike trailer, that's a plus too! Anything that grabs attention & pleases the crowd is a plus. In 2005 we won the Grand Prize - we can do it again! 6) Sadly, the Cottonwood Fairgrounds produces a prizewinning crop of goatheads each Spring. Some kind of flat protection - Slime, Stan's, Tuffys, Armadillos, Gatorskins - is a must. Remember, we'll be traveling at the blistering pace of 7 MPH - so you can pretty much throw weight/performance issues out the window. Far more is the ability to keep moving. The group won't stop & wait for you to fix a flat as on a regular ride! 7) Bring a powerful painkiller! You'll have SO MUCH FUN that your cheeks & jaws are really gonna hurt after two hours of grinning like a ridin' fool!

If ya have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email at RedRock88@ymail.com.

Thanks and see ya next weekend!
Laura and the VVCC crew

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hangover Trail Day December 8th

Saturday the 8th of December @ the Huckaby Trailhead @ 9:30am then car pool to the Cow Pies Trailhead . The Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition is sponsoring a work day on the iconic Hangover Trail.

Volunteers need to come prepared and bring with them: a helmet if available, sun glasses, work gloves, drinking water, sun screen, a hat, long sleeved shirt, long pants, and wear boots with ankle support.

For more detailed information on locations and to share your interest, please call F. Adrian at 203-7531 or email her at fcadrian@fs.fed.us

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Preserve MTB opportunities on Prescott National Forest - Plan Revision Comment Period Ends the 28th

If you are interested in how the Prescott NF will be managed and guided the comment period to give your input on their guiding document ends in a week. To review the the current draft go to the link below. Of direct concern to cyclists is the proposed Black Canyon Wilderness area. The beautiful and rugged Black Canyon Trail is a great ride that should be kept open to cyclists. Please review this and send your comments in by November 28th.

DRAFT PLAN: http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/prescott/home/?cid=stelprdb5383073

How to Submit Comments:

Please send your email comments to: prescott-forest-plan-comments@fs.fed.us

Or submit written comments to:

Prescott National Forest
Attention: Plan Revision
344 South Cortez Street
Prescott, AZ 86303-4316

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sign the Sedona Bike Park Petion!!!!

Want to see a mountain bike skills park here locally in Sedona? Express your opinion through this petition to show the city of Sedona that this is a worth while endeavor.

The park would provide Mountain Bike specific features that: Reduce multi-user conflicts on Forest Service trails; Help eliminate the need for illegally built trails on Forest Service land; Provide the growing local and non local mountain bike community a safe environment to progress skills; Provide a safe and inspiring stepping stone for outdoor enthusiasts that are interested in Mountain Biking but are intimidated by Sedona's naturally technical terrain; Provide local kids a gateway into the healthy sport of mountain biking that can last a lifetime.

Sign the Petition 

November 14th BOD Agenda

Agenda for the November 14th Board of Directors Meeting.

Thanks everyone who showed up for the trail day!!

Great turnout today to work on the Slim Shady trail. 12 projects identified and 12 completed. Erosion mitigated, flow enhanced and all the while keeping the character of the trail in tact. Beautiful weather and lots of riders coming through loving the trail. Double thanks to those who pushed through to 4pm, 6 hours dedicated to the trails. Big thanks as well to Absolute Bikes for bring the copious amounts of energy foods and beverages to fuel our day and to the Bike & Bean for getting people into gear with your wonderfully strong cup of Bean!!!

If you missed it and wanted to be there mark your Calendars for December 8th!! Hangover will be getting the first pass of love to repair many areas in need.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Don't forget Trail Day Sunday!!!!!! 10am

Sunday the 11th of November @ the Yavapai Vista Trailhead 10am. Rain is coming down right now prepping the dirt to be perfect for Sunday. I hope to see you there. Absolute Bikes will be bringing hydration supplies as well as some food. Bike & Bean is offering up free coffee at the shop to volunteers headed up to the work day.

Volunteers need to come prepared and bring with them: a helmet if available, sun glasses, work gloves, drinking water, sun screen, a hat, long sleeved shirt, long pants, and wear boots with ankle support.

For more detailed information on locations and to share your interest, please call F. Adrian at 203-7531 or email her at fcadrian@fs.fed.us

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Get your flow on!!!

Corviglia Flowtrail in St.Moritz from Darco Cazin on Vimeo.

Who wants to see trails like this in our neck of the woods?


THURS (Nov 15) - 8 AM